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Unlike prepackaged tours where the price includes just about everything, Gilt-Edge Tours International is geared to individualized tours that are created especially for you. This means that flat rates cannot be quoted for a tour until a certain amount of information has been received and processed.

We offer two types of tours. The first kind is a guided tour, with certified, licensed guides and requires a minimum requirement of 4 hours. Foreign language guides can be provided at no extra charge.

The second type of tour offered is an independent tour. Please refer to the Self-Guided Tour  link for complete information. However, the same rate factors apply to both types of tours.

Here are the most common rate factors:

  1. NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE TOUR: We specialize in small groups, from a majority of one to families, couples, or business or social groups.
  2. TRANSPORTATION: We will provide transportation for you if required. Please refer to the Transport  link for complete information.
  3. HOTEL BOOKINGS: You may book your own hotel if you wish, or we can book your hotel for you. Go to to the Travel Boutique for hotel and airline bargains.
  4. DINING: You will never dine in the less than the best, regardless of whether or not you require budget dining or a four-star restaurant.
  5. ATTRACTIONS: Whether or not you decide to add extra attractions to your itinerary other than just a normal sightseeing tour is also a consideration. You put more sparkle into your tour when you include entertainment, river cruises and other special activities.

You will be contacted as soon as possible once we receive your request concerning an upcoming tour with Gilt-Edge Tours International. Using the rate factors mentioned above, as well as other additional factors depending upon your tour, you will be quoted a rate as soon as possible.

Go to our Gilt-Form page to fill out our quick response form. You will be contacted promptly.

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